Love your life. Not your comfort zone

Today is a good day for me to look around myself and to be thankful. Thankful for the mess - it means I have kids. Thankful for the numerous dishes I have to clean- means Im not alone. Thankful for the cleaning I have to do- it means I have roof over my head- my home. I love my life. Im in my comfort zone in my life. Thankful for all the people in my life- it means I went out to meet all of them.

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You never know, error in database

Today before sorting out my bank error in database- I popped into the coffee shop. Next to me sat a woman; she was angry, agitated, attention seeking, fussy. This kind of person is not normally my cup of tea. I judged her, the day was sunny and I was happy, the best day as far as Im aware. I stay away from angry people. I make choice to be happy. Count my blessings.

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