By marianna | April 1, 2016

Our energy level will go down. Our eyes will loose colour, become less intense. No matter how much exercise you do, no matter how many greens you eat, no matter how positive you are- time will eventually take its toll. Your face would get covered in even more wrinkles. Your joints will get inflamed and stiff. You will have less energy and you will fall asleep easily.

No matter how many meditations you do; there’s nothing you can do. Time will eventually take over. One day- you will look in the mirror to see a strange face; yours, so what can we do about it?

Realistically – there’s nothing we can do. Lets just hope that we all get to that old age and see how it feels. In the mean time life is happening today, we can and should plan our future. Reflect on the past and learn from it. But all we have really got is today.

Tomorrow is not promised by any means. Of course we all have many tomorrows and hopefully many years ahead of us. But what if we decided to live our life today? Decide in the morning that its going to be a good day. Notice spring blossoms on the trees, the flowers in the park and breathe a little bit slower and deeper.

Open your bright eyes a little bit wider and notice everything around you a little bit better. Walk today a little bit slower. Notice the life around you with all 5 senses. Maybe compliment a stranger or your colleagues.

Be kinder to yourself and those around you, eat a little bit healthier and learn to love your life. Further, count your blessings and appreciate people around you a little bit more. Drink enough water, plan your next holiday and maybe notice the sky and soak in the sunshine. Rather than get depressed by rain, next time let yourself get drenched in the rain - why be unhappy about the weather, rain often clears the air and waters all the plants.

Im going to hug my kids a little bit tighter and tell them that I love them. One day we will get very old. So today, live your best day ever today. Be a little bit braver today. Its seems that love is the answer to everything. So when your eyes have lost its brightness- you can look back and remember today as the day that you started to live your life just a little bit more like its a present- a gift to you from your mum and dad- your present.

Today is present time. Make it count, today. Start from today.

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