By marianna | January 1, 2016

Today is a good day for me to look around myself and to be thankful. Thankful for the mess - it means I have kids. Thankful for the numerous dishes I have to clean- means Im not alone. Thankful for the cleaning I have to do- it means I have roof over my head- my home. I love my life. Im in my comfort zone in my life. Thankful for all the people in my life- it means I went out to meet all of them. I wasn’t sitting and waiting for life to happen to me - instead went out of my old ways- challenged myself. Went out of my comfort zone.

What is the comfort zone?

Its where you feel safe. Its a well known place to you- its comfortable there. It doesn’t require any efforts. Automatic. Its just works. Its lovely to be in your comfort zone. Comfy. Is it progressive? Challenging? Does it improve your life?

Being happy with what you have got- does not mean you have to stick to your comfort zone. In fact – no progress had ever happend inside my comfort zone. Perhaps that how we evolve into the people we know we could be? Understanding that its not longer comfortable to be in your comfort zone and being brave enough and venture out? What is outside your comfort zone? Promotion? Better job? New partner? Fitter body? A hobby that you never took up? Classes you have not attended? A club that you never joined? Maybe even a friend that you have never written to or a holiday you have never booked? Possibly even a book you have yet to write?

Turn that ” never ” into today. Make that tiny little step outside your comfort zone. Outside of your little cosy world you will be safe, I promise you.

Its ok to try. You can always come back into your comfort zone, but at least try. Making that first step? What could happen? There will be progress, that’s for certain. Leaving your comfort zone once in a while is the way we move forward in life. Are you ready?

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