By marianna | July 1, 2015

In our garden we have inherited a few old trees. One is an ash tree that’s probably at least 100 years old, the other is an apple tree that was probably planted from seed soon after the house was built in the 1930’s.

What’s great is that the apple tree still fruits, really big yellow and red coloured baking apples - not sure exactly what variety. However, I can tell you they make for really nice crumbles and compote in the summer. Being a seedling apple tree its close to 5 meters in height and probably in width too!

To be honest the apple tree is a bit over grown and “wild” now, but slowly I’m bringing it back into shape. My husband and I don’t like using chainsaws, so someone else will be called in for that job.

Seedling trees seem to outlast their rootstocked cousins. Apparently the original bramley apple tree is still alive and fruiting, see countryfile reports bramley still going. That’s not bad at all for a tree that’s over two hundred years old.

There’s something really nice about sitting under a big old tree, maybe it’s the fact that it’s been there for so long or maybe it’s just the shade it provides, but we often find the kids sat under it on a sunny day. So here’s to the big old tree’s in the garden and long may the apple tree deliver us friut!

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