By marianna | January 1, 2016

This lady could not work out her internet connection and needed wifi to fill in an application form, that she bashed on the table as she sat down. She spoke briefly in a harsh and angry manner. We started chatting and I did help her of course. Finally her connection issues were sorted out. She relaxed a little and then suddenly she said that she cant waste any time. She has no time for it. To what I politely asked why.

This poor lady had lost her 5 year old daughter to cancer. LET ME REPEAT THIS: SHE HAD LOST HER 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO CANCER. Suddenly, all my guards and reservations disappeared at that moment I had realised why she has no time. Her little daughter has no time any longer. Poor mum, I said that I’m sorry for her loss. I have lost my dad at 21 and my mum passed away very suddenly couple of years ago. She looked at me – she was understood. We hugged.

She also said that she feels over worked and in need of a holiday. I hope she will follow my suggestion and go to Brighton at the weekend. Sometime we just need a break. Even if not a full holiday. Walking in the sunshine. Sitting by the sea side. Today after school I will hug my boys really tight, once again I will realise that I have time. We all have time and using this time that we’ve got is very important.

So when we finally run out of time, we will know that we used our time to do whats important to us. So hug your relatives, pay a compliment and if someone is angry, maybe they do have a reason to be angry after all.

  • Count your blessings.
  • Make your life time count.
  • Don’t run out of time.
  • Have life now. Today.

And if someone is angry- ask why. They may have huge burden to carry and just need to have holiday. Do you need a holiday. You have the whole life ahead of you. Take care of you, your health. You have time. We all do!

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