By marianna | January 1, 2016

I consciously remember my mum since I was about 3 years old. I would do anything for my mum’s cuddles and kissess🙂 One kiss could take away all the pains… Her hand stroking my hair would make everything in the world right. She was my everything: friend, supporter, nurse, teacher, friend, buddy and big sister.

I could hear her voice: ” Maryanko- you are such a smart girl”, or she would say to me: ” You are such a strong girl- I know you can do it”. So I was- because my mum said so.

Of course as I grew older we had disagreements and argued. This was because I judged my mum from my point of view. Demanding things as a teenager and wanting it my own way. As a result we have not always seen eye to eye.

Then once my oldest son was born, we reconnected at a deeper level. Without my mum my son would not have survived. She was there 24 / 7 supporting me to look after my gravely ill son. She supported me to come to England and took care of my son. My mum was and is everything to me. Since she has gone- she continue to be alive in me and my sons, and in my brothers.

Happy Mothers day to all the mums, grandmas, great grandmas, aunties, friends and relatives.

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