By marianna | January 4, 2015

Today is a good day to be present in the Now moment, to enjoy the work that you are doing. Or to notice that perhaps you don’t enjoy your daily occupation?

Then what would be the next step? To continue? I know that you cant be joyful 24 / 7. Still, are you doing what you love? If you could have choice, what would you do? Today is a good day to fully taste your lunch. To appreciate the sky if you could go for a walk. It’s a good day to say sorry. Or to say thank you. Today is good day to be present in today.

Today is a good day to take care of you. Really take care. Appreciate your life.

Life is brief. Life is fast. So close your eyes for 5 minutes at lunch time and breathe. Appreciate the stillness. This very moment. Then write your “I appreciate my life because…”. Or draw it out and then.. Just enjoy the rest of your day and if there is a stressful situation? Take a deep breath…give yourself time to pause. And calmly deal with it. Its your present right?

You are in charge:-)

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