By marianna | January 1, 2016

Some days we are more productive than others, some days we feel great and feel like we are walking in the sunshine. Things are just working out, creativity flows and productivity is outstanding. Why? Perhaps it was a particularly restful night and we got off on the right foot. When the alarm sounds it felt like a call to action. Im not sure why exactly but it just is. Today was productive day for me.

Now- that I’m also aware to listen to my body’s sublime signals - I will stop – before going into an overload. Why? Because I want to remain to be healthy and productive for many years to come. Burning out is not an option any longer. Living in today is. Mindfulness is not a special or mystical
art – its just the decision you are making to listen to your body, acknowledging your feelings and understanding your responses. So today Im very prolific. So how about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is going to be a brand new day and I will be planning my tomorrow of course. But the understanding that is impossible to have the same quality day everyday is an important one.

  • How is your day turning out to be?
  • Is today one of those – Take It Easy days?
  • You decide based on how you feel:-)

Today is my 1000 percent day. However your day is turning out to be today - remember to pause, rest for at least 10 min in the middle of the day- by closing your eyes and listening to yourself. Then get on with your day. Embrace your day today.

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