By marianna | December 29, 2016

Holding a crying baby in one hand whilst cooking dinner on the hob, whilst answering a younger child’s maths questions, whilst thinking what after school club is on today, whilst boiling the kettle for the babies milk, whilst keeping an eye on the bottle steriliser, whilst thinking about what needs to go in the baby bag, feeling the heaviness and the smell of the nappy, whilst watching the time, whilst missing phone call – again! – whilst having million other things in my head- my to do list.

It would usually sound like: ” This is done- next”. I was a super mum - I can do it all mum - I’m the never tired, give me another coffee mum; finally crashing in front of tv with the slice of cake!

So over the past couple of years the kids have growned up. No babies in the house. After preparing my family emotionally; training them practically (including my 10 year old) I did exactly the same. It was at this point I decided to dive head in first into my business venture Mums the Heroes. I knew it was the right thing to do but I had no business plan, or the required training.

So I started to write my new book ” Happy and how to achieve it” and enrolled onto a Biomedicine course. At this time I became really busy, meeting some really amazing people in the self development industry; attending many free and paid for events.

Over the course of this I decided to write another two books, attend many weekend courses and enrol to a paid for life coaching course.

All whilst still running the house, cooking dinners, homework, school events, garden, sorting out garage and attic.I had to get rid of all sorts of fears. I doubted myself, can i? am i able? good enough?

Finally I realised that I can’t manage! With too many things on the to-do list, nothing gets done! So as a result, I’m now concentrating on doing one thing at the time. and really well. No meetings. Just concentration on the most important things - of which this blog is one.

Are you running around? Stop. Choose one important thing today:

  • Concentrate.
  • Execute.
  • Rest.

Then fill your day with all the other necessary tasks, easy:-))

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