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Concentrate on what's most important

By marianna on December 29, 2016

As a woman I was created to be able to multitask, able to withstand pressures of running the family with or without help. Holding a crying baby in one hand whilst cooking dinner on the hob, whilst answering a younger child’s maths questions, whilst thinking what after school club is on today, whilst boiling the kettle for the babies milk, whilst keeping an eye on the bottle steriliser, whilst thinking about what needs to go in the baby bag, feeling the heaviness and the smell of the nappy, whilst watching the time, whilst missing phone call – again!

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Today is a brand new day

By marianna on December 2, 2016

So choose your thoughts wisely; make sure you remove any sad experiences or unwanted thoughts of regrets. Fill your life and your journal with positive people and experiences. Then learn, read and aspire. Find your inner hero. Who would you like to be? Who is inspiring you? Get a life coach to support and to cherish your every tiny victory. Get a business coach to help you get your plans of the ground.

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Start from today - don't wait

By marianna on April 1, 2016

Eventually we all get old; some of us who are lucky that is. Our energy level will go down. Our eyes will loose colour, become less intense. No matter how much exercise you do, no matter how many greens you eat, no matter how positive you are- time will eventually take its toll. Your face would get covered in even more wrinkles. Your joints will get inflamed and stiff. You will have less energy and you will fall asleep easily.

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